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Phu Cuong Group (PCG) [Tuesday, 01/09/2009]
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PHU CUONG GROUP (PCG) is one of the leading companies specialized in export seafood processing industry in Vietnam.

Starting from export seafood processing business in the early 1990s, the company has been continuously developed and become a large group comprising 21 member companies with about 10,000 employees, involving in not only export seafood processing but also other business aspects in the country, especially in the Mekong Delta, with a total investment capital of over 2,000 billion VND (equivalent to about USD 115 million).

PHU CUONG GROUP is currently operating in the four business aspects:

1.    Processing and export of diversified seafood products;
2.    Investing in the urban development projects;
3.    Providing supporting services for the local fisheries industry; investing in the leisure/accommodation services such as tourism, restaurants, hotels and transportation;
4.    Aquaculture and feed mill;

PHU CUONG GROUP possesses a well-trained and experienced work force comprising capable management teams and skillful workers.

Respecting the motto “Sharing Opportunities – Successful Partnership”, PHU CUONG GROUP expects to be the right partner of all customers who interest in its business concept and the relevant product lines.

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